20 MINUTES $729*

Juvéderm’s next-gen HA filler Vollure is designed to improve the quality and duration of wrinkle treatment as well as meet patients’ ever-evolving needs. The following are just a few of the benefits Vollure has been shown to deliver:

  • Reduction of laugh lines

  • Designed to add natural-looking volume to facial folds and wrinkles

  • Noticeable improvement in 3-6 months

  • Continued wrinkle-free effects for up to 18 months

  • Balanced, even, smooth skin

  • Vibrant, youthful appearance

In addition to being the facial filler treatment with the longest-lasting effects on the market for addressing nasolabial folds, Juvéderm Vollure adds more volume and contour to the cheek and jaw, which can help improve your overall facial appearance. As an HA filler, it also has the advantage of being reversible with hyaluronidase.


*prices subject to change