Facial Laser Rejuvenation

Timed Treatments

15 MINUTES $300*

30 MINUTES $500*

Spot Treatment

1 SPOT $50*

Finally, a quick way to rid your skin of unsightly imperfections with Facial Laser Rejuvenation.

Facial redness, broken capillaries (veins) and angiomas (red dots), rosacea,  acne scarring, port wine stains, age spots, moles, and melasma, can all be successfully treated with our KTP laser. Some areas disappear on contact with the laser and those that do not immediately make take up to 4 weeks to fully resolve, or may require additional treatment. 

Treatment takes 15-20 minutes depending on areas being treated. Cost varies depending on treatment area. 

There is little discomfort, and mild swelling or redness is expected but no downtime!  Redness can be concealed easily with makeup! 

Goggles are worn during treatment and administered by a physician. 


*prices subject to change